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2019-2020 Calendar

Pack Calendar:

City, school, and holiday events in italics           Leader


6 National Night Out 

26 First day of school (DCPS - M)

28 Emergency Preparedness for Scouts -- Info & RSVP here) (it marks off requirements for some scouts, esp Webelos & Tigers) This is open to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, & Cub Scouts.

29 Pool Party                 H. Deutsch, C. Lewis


2 Labor Day (M)

3 First day of school (MCPS - Tu)

8 Takoma Park Folk Festival

11 White Oak District Roundtable (W)                  Jonathan

18 Join Scouting Night (W 6:00pm-7:00pm) -                 Jonathon, Victoria & Brad

18 Pack Meeting (W 7:00pm-8:00pm, Assembly Room)                 Victoria

TBD Carnival games “refresh” David Bartels

21-22 Sweep the Creek (optional)

27-29 Webelos and AOL Shenandoah Camping                 David & Patty

29 Nationals “Scout Day” Game (Su 1:35pm)                 (direct link to buy)/Victoria

29-30 Rosh Hashanah (Su-M)


1 Rosh Hashanah (Tu)

6 Takoma Park Street Festival (Su 10am-5pm)                 S. Hage, S. Rahaim

Pack 33 Carnival Games

8-9 Yom Kippur (Tu-W)

9 White Oak District Roundtable (W)                 Brad, C. Faint, S. Johnson

Scouting for Food bag pickup

12-13 Fall Campout, Fort Frederick State Park                 J. Peterson, M. Vaena, P.  Killebrew

14 Columbus Day (M)

15     Wear Your Scout Uniform to School Day (RSVP/Info Below)

26 Tiger Hunt (Sa 1:00pm-5:15pm)                 Jonathon Peterson

26 Monster Bash

* Note: We are not doing Webelos Weekend this year, per dens request


2 Scouting for Food bag/sticker distribution

9 Scouting for Food collection (Safeway) (FB RSVP- optional) Cathy Faint, Sasha Johnson

9 Winter Clothing Drive                              (FB RSVP- optional)  Eli Koppel

9 Troop 33 Pancake Supper - RSVP here & Get Your Tickets From Your Den Chief

11 Veterans Day (M)  (FB RSVP) Victoria, D. Bartels (games)

13 Pack Meeting (W 7:00pm-8:00pm, Assembly Room)             Victoria

13 White Oak District Roundtable (W)

16 NCAC Pow Wow (for leaders) Steven Mager

28-29 Thanksgiving (Th-F)


11 White Oak District Roundtable (W)

14 Recharter Package Turn in (Sa 9:30am-12:30pm)             Brad & Victoria

21     Winter Service Project- Wrapping Toys at Takoma Police Station L.Heaven

23-31 Winter Break (MCPS & DCPS)

24-25 Christmas (Tu-W)


1 New Years Day (W)

1 Winter Break (MCPS & DCPS)

8 White Oak District Roundtable (W)             Patty First

11 Splash Pool/Pack Meeting (Sa)             Victoria, Rush Seale, John Briley

Distribute PWD kits (need coordinator)

20 MLK Jr. Day (M)


7-8 Scout Shabbat

8 PWD Workshop (Sa 12pm-5pm, Heffner Center)                 Carter Dougherty

9 Scout Sunday

12 White Oak District Roundtable (W)

17 President’s Day (M)

17-21 Winter Break II (DCPS)

22 Pinewood Derby (Sa 11:45am-6:30pm, Assembly Room)

TBD University of Scouting                 Steven Mager


9-10 Purim (M-Tu)

11 White Oak District Roundtable (W)

14 Blue & Gold Banquet (Sa 5:00pm-7:30pm, Big Gym)             Rob Carter, Max Finberg

28 White Oak District Pinewood Derby (Sa)             (Top scouts in their den runs!)


8 White Oak District Roundtable (W)

6-13 Spring Break (MCPS)

9-10 Passover (Th-F)

12 Easter (Su)

13-17 Spring Break (DCPS)

18-19 Spring Campout at Cedarville State Park     Jonathan Peterson

16 Emancipation Day (Th)

TBD Sweep the Creek

22 Earth Day

4/24- 5/23 Ramadan


4/24- 5/23 Ramadan

9 White Oak District Buddy Hike (Sa 10:30am-2pm)

Burnt Mills trailhead to Rachel Carson Trail

10 Mother’s Day (Su)

13 White Oak District Roundtable (W)

TBD Celebrate Takoma Festival

20 Pack Meeting, (W 7:00pm-8:00pm, Assembly Room)             Victoria

25 Memorial Day (M)

26 White Oak District Awards Dinner (Tu)


6 End-of-Year Picnic (S 4:00pm-7:00pm)                     Brad, S. Johnson, L. Willard

15 Last day of school (MCPS - M)

21 Father’s Day (Su)

22 Last day of school (DCPS - M)


3-4 Independence Day (Fr-Sa)

4 Independence Day Parade                    Brad

6-10 Camp Ross                    J. Peterson/Colin Sellar

25-27 Camp Snyder/Saffran             Matt will check available dates



TBD Pool Party                     C. Lewis