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Becoming A Leader

First, thank you for becoming a leader, assistant leader, pack committee member, or whatever your volunteer role is in Pack 33! We can't do it without you!!! 

1. Registrations:
You can try to register as a leader through this link for Pack 33-- https://my.scouting.org/VES/OnlineReg/1.0.0/?tu=UF-MB-082paa0033

We are currently only accepting the applications through the online portal as it is the easiest, fastest way to ensure your application is successfully put through on time. 

2. Youth Protection Training
EVERY adult should and ALL LEADERS need to have YPT (youth protection training done). Click here to log in & do your youth protection training! You may need to create a new account. 
EMAIL YOUR CERTIFICATE proving you did youth protection to cubmaster@takomaparkscouts.org AND committeechair@takomaparkscouts.org- this is a vital step as sometimes it doesn't always link to your bsa id number! If there is an issue, we can address it easier with the certificate to show council you have completed it! 

3. Role Specific Training
While there is the Pow Wow, which our training coordinator will let you know about coming up- you can do your role-specific training online as well & we highly suggest it! Pow Wow is the best, but this is the 2nd best option & you can do it now!