2012-09-23 -- Nationals Game Day!

Nationals Game 
Nationals VS Brewers

Please fill out this form if interested --> http://tinyurl.com/pack33nationals

About this game:
* Must wear class A uniform to walk the field before the game
* Walking the field will begin around noon
* They will earn a patch with Nationals
* Pending weather, I have confirmed that there will be a kids' day where they can run the bases afterwards

Getting there!
* Metro runs right to the field
* I suggest we meet up at Takoma Metro Station
* Follow up email for meeting up will be emailed out, so do not worry now. But do be prepared to meet about 1030am-11am. 
* For those willing to drive, be prepared to pay to park  

When: Sunday 23/Sept/12
Time: 1:35 p.m. for game, Noon for Scout Parade
Cost: $11 a ticket
* Right now, email your interest- I will contact you later about how we will pay for them. 

Victoria Eisenberg