2014 Pinewood Derby

Saturday, February 22, 2014.
Takoma Park Presbyterian Church

Race Times:
(Webelos 1)
Check-in from 11:45 to 12:15
"Call to Race" at 12:25
Racing from 12:30 to 1:15

Check-in from 12:45 to 1:15
"Call to Race" at 1:25
Racing from 1:30 to 2:15

Check-in from 1:45 to 2:15
"Call to Race" at 2:25
Racing from 2:30 to 3:30
Check-in from 3:00 to 3:30
"Call to Race" at 3:40
Racing from 3:45 to 4:45

(Webelos 2)
Check-in from 4:15 to 4:45
"Call to Race" at 4:50
Racing from 5:00 to 5:45

"Fastest in the City" Finals
"Call to Race" at 5:55
Racing from 6:00 to 6:30

Pinewood Derby Official Race Rules

a) Maximum overall width including wheels and axles = 2¾ inches.
b) Minimum width between wheels = 1¾ inches.
c) Minimum clearance between bottom of the car and track = 3/8 inches. If you put weights under your car, recess them into a hole in the underside of the car’s body.
d) Maximum car length = 7 inches. This measurement includes any additional decorations added to the car such as wings and spoilers.
e) Wheelbase (distance between front and rear axles) must not be more than 4½ inches.
f) Commercially precut Pinewood Derby car kits may be used if they meet the above specifications. Wheels and axles in the commercial kits may not be used. Only wheels and axles from official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Kits can be used. The solid metal axles, wheels and end caps found in commercial kits may not be used.

a) Weight ≤ 5.00 ounces. 5.009 is acceptable but 5.010 is too heavy. The readings of the official race scales by the Inspection Team are final. The car may be hollowed out and built to the maximum weight by the addition of wood, metal, plastic, paint, or decals only, provided it is securely built into the body or firmly affixed to it. No loose materials of any kind are permitted in or on the car.
b) Details and additions such as steering wheel, driver, spoiler, and decals are permitted as long as they do not cause the car to exceed the specifications identified in Section 1 of these Rules.
c) Cars with wet paint or glue will not be accepted at registration or weigh- in.
d) Mercury shall not be used in adding weight to the car.

a) Wheels - Only the wheels and axles provided with an official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car Kit can be used. Official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby wheels that are sold separately (i.e. colored wheels) may also be used.
b) Four wheels must be used, one per axle – no more, no less.
c) Axles on the car may be polished.
d) Mold projections on wheel tread - Mold projections on a wheel’s tread may be removed but the wheel should not be otherwise sanded or altered in any way.
e) Bearings, spacers, etc. prohibited - Use of bearings, bushings, spacers, or the like between the wheel and car body are prohibited. Wheels must come in direct contact with the car.
f) Wheel coverings prohibited - A covering placed on a wheel rim that might hold graphite or lubricant around a nail axle head is not permitted.
g) No mechanical propulsion - The car must be freewheeling with no starting devices, springs, or other methods of propulsion. No magnets are permitted anywhere on the car.
h) Only dry powdered lubricants, such as graphite, may be used. Remember oils and silicone sprays may soften the wheels and are prohibited.
i) Wheel alteration prohibited - use of any type of beveled, tapered, thin- sanded, wafered or lathe-turned wheels is prohibited. Any attempt to reduce the running surface of the wheel in this fashion will disqualify the car.

a) Each car must be registered, numbered, and pass inspection and weigh-in before it can compete in the Derby.
b) The Registration and Inspection Team, appointed by the Chair, may disqualify those cars that do not meet the 2013 Montgomery District Pinewood Derby Rules.
c) The pit crew, in consultation with the scout, will attempt to modify the car to meet these Rules before the start of the race. If the modifications are successful, the car will be entered in the race.
d) Once a car is inspected and registered, only Derby Committee officials will handle the car.
e) The pit crew will lubricate the axles and complete any last minute repairs after you register your car.

a) Cars must be made for the 2014 Pinewood Derby. Derby cars raced in prior year’s competitions are not permitted.
b) All Scouts and Leaders must wear uniforms to the Derby in accordance with their pack’s uniform guidelines.
c) Scouts will race against other scouts of the same age/rank. When there are two dens at the same age, both dens will race in the same pool.
d) The top two cars from each pool will compete at the end of the day for "Fastest in the City." The design winners from each pool will compete for the overall "Best in Show."
d) Each pool's derby will be run using the Racemaster software. Heats will be determined by the "Dynamic" scheduling algorithm, which groups cars based on speed to maximize number of heat winners. Winners in each rank will be determined by overall time in four heats.
e) The following rules apply to racing:
-- If a car comes off the track during a heat, a “No Race” will be declared and the heat will be run again. If the same car jumps off the track a second time, it will automatically lose the heat.
-- If a car leaves its lane and interferes with another car, a “No Race” will be declared and the heat will be run again. If the same car leaves its lane a second time and/or interferes with another car, the interfering car will automatically lose the heat.
-- If a car suffers a major mechanical problem, a “No Race” will be declared and the Scout with the pit crew will have five minutes to accomplish repairs. The heat will be run again. If the car is unable to compete, the damaged car will automatically lose the heat.
-- If a car or cars do not make it to the finish line, a “No Race” will be declared and the heat will be run again (after repairs as necessary). If the same car fails to finish a second time, it will automatically lose the heat.
f) Only Derby officials will be permitted into the track, registration, and judging areas. This rule will be strictly enforced up to and including disqualification.
h) If there is a failure of the electronic finish, the heat will be rerun.

6) District Race
a) The first place car for each rank level (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I, Webelos II) as well as the fastest design car, is eligible to compete in the district race.
b) The Scout must be present to race his car. If a qualifying scout can not attend the race, the second place car will be offered the chance to compete in the district race and so on until a Scout is able to attend the race.
c) Each car must pass district inspection and weigh-in before it can compete at the district race. The Inspection Team has the right to disqualify those cars which do not meet the District rules. Car owners will be informed of the violations and given the opportunity to modify the car to meet the Derby Rules prior to the start of the race. The district rules are the same as the pack rules.