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Current Leadership is below! 
If you are interested in fulfilling any open roles marked with an *, please sign up on the sign-up genius here!  If the link isn't working, please email the Cubmaster at cubmaster@takomaparkscouts.org 

Cubmaster: Victoria Eisenberg, cubmaster@takomaparkscouts.org
Assistant Cubmasters: Jonathan Petersen & Max Finberg

Pack Committee:

Committee Chair:  Brad De Gregorio, committeechair@takomaparkscouts.org
Treasurer:  David McCabe treasurer@takomaparkscouts.org
Secretary: Patty First & Tony Castleman 
Advancement Chair: Laura Willard, Matt Rhoads
Membership Specialist: Eli Koppel
Pack Trainer: Steve Mager
Whittling Chip: Dan DeMocker
Pinewood Derby Racemaster: Luke Petersen

Den Leadership:

Lions Den 2 (2019-2020 Kinders): Den 2 - Lions
Leader: Lima Abdullah
Assistant Leaders: Sam Greenberg, John Abdullah
Den Chief: Xavier Phillips

1st Grade Den 3 Tigers: Den 3 - Tigers
Leader: Jonathan Peterson 
Assistant Leaders: Andrew Victor, Matt Handley, James Crow
Den Chief: *

2nd Grade Den 6 Wolves: Den 5 - Wolf
Leader: Matthew Rhoads
Assistant Leaders: Justin Hoffman, Eli Koppel, Paul Killebrew
Den Chief: Gabe Andersen

3rd Grade Den 4 Bears: Den 6 - Bears
Leader: Jay Keller
Assistant Leaders: Samuel Greenberg, Anthony Wier, Victoria Eisenberg
Den Chief: Kyle Gardner 

4th Grade Den 1 Webelos:Den 4 - Webelos
Leader: Patty First
Assistant Leaders: Brad De Gregorio, Lauren Heaven, Steven Mager, Chip Somodevilla
Den Chief:  Caed Peterson & Nathan Rees

5th Grade Den 1 Arrow of Light  Den 1- AOL
Leader: David Bartels
Assistant Leaders: Angie Nichols-Friedman, Jonathan Peterson, Thomas Raffety 
Den Chief: *Troop Guide coming soon*

* We always need volunteers to help with events, so please consider signing up on the sign-up genius!

Street Festival -- Steve Hage, Stephen Rahaim 
Fall Campout --  Marcos Vaena, Paul Killebrew

Scouting For Food -- Cathie Faint, Sasha Johnson

Community Service (Dorothy Woods/Sligo Creek/etc) -- Jason Stayanovich, Laura Heaven

Splash Pool -- Rush Seale, John Briley

Pinewood Derby Workshop -Carter Dougherty 
Pinewood Derby-- ? 

Blue & Gold--  Max Finberg, Rob Carter

Spring Campout Coordinator Help-- ?

* Pack event --?

End of Year Picnic-- Sasha Johnson, Laura Willard

4th of July Parade -David McCabe

Pool Party - Hannah Deutsch, Chris Lewis

Scouting/Back to School night-- ?