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Hybrid Scouting

Hey Everyone!

You may have noticed that your den leaders have been in contact with you about doing Hybrid scouting (or not). The pack leadership decided recently to allow dens to meet the needs of their scouts (including virtual scouting &  in-person, socially distanced outdoor meetings). This is following the local guidelines. As we go forth this spring in scouting with the hybrid options, we wanted to send out a few reminders so we can keep hybrid scouting an option (until the pandemic is over & we are all back in person)...  (On the pack website as well, here Hybrid Scouting). 

This is an important email, so please read it all esp with our FIRST in person pack event this weekend (remember to sign up for your Pinewood Derby workshop slot)

#1 Your scout is welcome to continue to do scouting with an option that is suitable for your family. This means that if your den is meeting in person & for health reasons (or otherwise) you are unable to attend in person, you can do virtual or at home scouting even if your den is in person. The most important part is to have communication with your den leader, who is more than willing to work with you & your scout.  

#2 Now that we are doing hybrid option, meaning in person, we ask that you take a minute & update your Health Forms if you have not yet this year & email them in ASAP. This is for both scouts & parents as during COVID, there is no scout drop off & every scout should have an akela/parent there. 

#3 We understand that some families may be in pods & that is okay but during scouting events & right after, we need to still treat it as a scouting event, not a pod. What does that mean? WEAR. MASKS.
We know masks are the "hot new thing" but they are necessary for creating a safer scouting environment for your family. In efforts to lead by example for our scouts & community, as well as help be part of the solution to end the spreading of the virus, we ALL need to wear them so we can get back to our "normal" (aka no masks) routine sooner! At the end of the day, for us to do a hybrid/in-person option during COVID, the pack needs to ensure that we remain within compliance with local & council policies & following the CDC guidelines when it comes to attending multi-family events (like den meetings). 
While you are at a den meeting, or right afterwards before everyone breaks, masking wearing in important. If you choose to hang around after the leader has clearly called the end of the meeting, please be mindful & talk to the other parents there as it will become your responsibility. We are all in this together. 

This is inclusive of everyone & on the bright side, you can compare all those cool masks you have! 

The hybrid option is a great option & especially as we are coming into spring, we want to provide outdoor experiences for your child. So we appreciate your support in helping to make that happen.

Again, pack leadership can't wait to see some of you this weekend (remember to sign up for your Pinewood Derby workshop slot & check out the community service projects emailed earlier today, also on the pack website). 

Have a great & warm week (perfect for getting outside)!