Den Chief's Corner

This is the Den Chief's Corner! This will provide a space for den chiefs to share information but more importantly, to get information to help enhance their den chief roles! 

April 2020
Here is the COVID 19 page & updates as pertains to our pack. 

*** Zoom Meeting for the Den Chief Leadership ***
We need to do a meeting this earlier in the week. I will send out the zoom meeting URL via email. Does 5 pm (est) work for you guys for an online meeting? Please reply to me to let me know if this works or not. I would like to do this Monday since I have several scout meetings on Tuesday & Wednesday. Due to the 16th-30th April Virtual Campout & we are going to ask you guys to help out with it, we would like to meet sooner than later. 

For the foreseeable future, we need to plan to do virtual scouting & this applies to Den Chief's & their roles as well. As long are you are participating & helping the den & pack go, it counts for your leadership as well as the Den Chief Award just as it would normally. 

Especially given that we are doing virtual scouting, it is that much more important to do your online training. Doing the online training is the official training & counts towards any leadership requirements including the Den Chief Award PLEASE FINISH THIS ASAP THIS WEEK (by 10th of April)! When you are done with the training, send me the certificate or screenshot of it so I can log in that it is complete & share that with troop advancement chair as well! Online Training 👉🏽

All scouts are encouraged to earn the Den Chief Award, which can be put on college applications so I STRONGLY urge you guys to earn it by doing pretty much what you are already doing! The biggest thing is that you have to be in the role for the year, including summer. While we don't do much during the summer, it still counts so long as you participate in the pack activities as much as possible, such as the 4th of July Parade, etc. 
And if you have done the online training, you have already done one of the requirements! You can view what the requirements are by visiting the Den Chief Award page. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.