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Scout Sunday & Sabbath

A scout is reverent.  

Scout Sunday & Scout Sabbath are coming up. 

While we don't currently have the dates for when our chartered organisation (TPPC) is doing theirs, we will share any details of events coming up with you. However, that doesn't mean we don't do Scout Sunday. 

In fact, We encourage you to work on your Duty to God rank requirements, no matter your faith, on your own with your families as it marks off requirements for each of your ranks. You can look in your scout handbooks to see what those requirements are. If you do this in February, you will earn the additional Scout Sunday or Scout Sabbath Patch -- just let your den leader know so we can keep track! 

We want to be sure to note & acknowledge that reverence is different for every scout, not just those of a particular faith or religious beliefs & we both welcome & have many of different faiths (& non-faiths) in this pack.  
For those of a specific faith or religion, if you would like to take it a step further & earn the religious emblem for your faith (not required for rank or for Scout Sunday, but easier the younger they are) then you can check out this info & please reach out to the White Oak District Religious Emblem Coordinator if you are interested (& cc your den leader & cubmaster): Jim Steinbach: jssscouter@gmail.com 301.699.0850 if you are interested.  


Wishing you all a great Scout Sunday.