Scouting For Food 2020

For Those Donating on Behalf of Scouts online, please fill this form out -- 

Hey Pack 33, 

This year, we will be scouting for food the same way we do but with a twist! So please read the email thoroughly since there a few differences, even though mostly the same. 
Scouting for Food Food Drive FB Event  (RSVP & post in the event)--

You can leave fliers, attached below (& on the scouting for food pack page), on doors or email them as we have always done, but due to COVID19, please be socially-distant, wear your mask, and wash your hands after you go out for this event, if you are choosing to do so.  If scouts are leaving fliers, please do have them in Class A shirts so people know it's scouts. On the flier, you will notice both logos-- so scout siblings in Girl Scouts can also participate! Be sure to let your leaders know too so you get credit.  

What are we collecting:
- Non-perishable food & Hygiene items 
- Food items go to Capital Area Food Bank
- Diapers/baby items & hygiene items will go to DC Diaper Bank &/or DC Mutual Aid.  

This year, you will see on the flier you have 3 options:
- Allow them to leave on their porch so you pick up 
- Allow them, if you are comfortable, to leave on your porch so you don't have to go to every door
- Allow them to donate only-- for this it will be important for the scout's name to be clear on the sheet so that way when they fill out the form, they can credit your scout with their donation. They can donate directly to a local food pantry to them in TP or DC or directly to Capital Area Food Bank.  For your scout to get credit, they will fill this form out. 

Dropping off your donations: 
Due to COVID19, our size and the logistics, we have decided to have you drop off, at your convenience, during November, to the Cubmaster's house in DC on the porch (address will be in the email sent to you). You can put your scout's name & den/pack number on the bag. Afterwards, you will fill out the Volunteer Hours Log In 2020 so we can make sure every scout gets credit. Donations will be taken to Capital Area Food Bank and no worries, we will get it weighed so we know how much we donated, like we normally do! 

Logging in Volunteer Hours:  Also new & important is that we are doing a new way to log in volunteer hours, via Volunteer Hours Log In 2020which counts for our Pack Award. This is not just for Scouting for Food, so if your family does any community service, please log it in. Also, if you did the TPMS Cluster Food Program Drive, please fill it out as well so I can give the scouts credit for participating. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Cubmaster Ms Victoria

Cubmaster Pack 33,
Oct 30, 2020, 3:46 PM