20-21 (Virtual) Scouting

Fall 2020  ~  20-21 Scouting Calendar

Welcome back Pack 33! 

How did the first week of Virtual Schooling go? Now, we can say we did it -- good job to the scouts & parents! I know it wasn't easy! So give yourselves a pat on the back! 

The pack leadership has been working hard on making cub scouts happen for the fall of 2020! We are excited, are you? There is a lot of information here so please do read it. I will be doing a Parent Meeting on Sunday at 5:30pm, so come join & if you have questions you can bring them.  

LOGGING YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE both individually and during scout events! This is super important for tracking our community service hours towards JTE as well as logging attendance at events. 

September Events:

* Community Service Project- All Month with TPMS Cluster Food Prg Drive & your scout can earn a patch & mark off any requirements while helping others. THANK YOU Patty First for coordinating this! 

* Parent Meeting Sunday, Sept 13th 530 pm  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85014205200 

Pack 33 Meeting Monday, Sept 28th at 6 pm  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83032162537 (it'll be fun!) 

This Year & Scouting We will be doing a mostly virtual (with potential hybrid/in-person options) for scouting during Fall 2020 due to COVID19. However, the biggest source of information on the every day will be from your den leaders. If there are issues, please don't hesitate to let your leaders & I know! The full letter to the pack, with links and resources, will be here on the 20-21 (Virtual) Scouting page & the pack calendar updated here 20-21 Scouting Calendar!

Accessibility to scouting is a number one priority for us! IMPORTANT to know is that with any hybrid option you may have, YOU CAN ALWAYS do it at home & just let your den leader know! This is especially vital for scouts with families that are at risk (of COVID19). So if you can't do a virtual meeting, know you can make it up & do it on your own! Just ask your leaders! 

Health Forms & COVID Release It is important to note that if you do the hybrid option, meaning that you attend a socially distant hike with other families during a scouting event, YOU MUST have your health forms, the covid waiver, hippa form & pre-screen checklist ON FILE with the den leader & pack leadership both! This is IMPERATIVE. You will not be allowed to attend a hybrid/in-person option without these forms done! The forms are linked on the COVID19 pack page in the file section (at the bottom of the page). Download, print and scan or use DocHub to fill out and sign.  When you are done, you need to present them in-person to a leader, mail them OR email them to packfirstaider@takomaparkscouts33.org, cubmaster@takomaparkscouts33.org, & your den leader! It will not be used or accessed by anyone else but the leadership per the importance of your personal information. Also, a HUGE thank you Mikel, who is our amazing Pack First Aider!! 

What about if I didn't finish rank? If you didn't "finish" a rank, don't sweat it. if you were registered & working toward that rank, you can still do so at your own pace (while in your current den level) due the unforeseen circumstances aka the pandemic. We understand that attaining rank was sidelined when COVID happened for some scouts. We do ask that you let us know when you did the requirement and also if you need help, reach out to your den leader! 

Advancements If your scout is attending something in person, your den leader will likely input /keep track of advancements for those times. If you do any of the requirements remotely at home, you can input it for your scout on Scoutbook - instructions & links here (thank you, Laura Willard) or email your den leader! The beauty of this means that your scouts can also do the other electives as well on their own. 

Please consider helping the leadership team-- esp at a den level. We are all in this together volunteering. Any help you can give your den leaders will be GREATLY appreciated & provided a better scouting experience for everyone. Also, at the pack level as well. If you have an idea, please don't hesitate to email me. If you are coming to the parent meeting, the link will remain the same for the parent meeting and the leadership meeting & we would love to have you there! 

Also, don't forget to join the Facebook Group and the Listserve which are meant as general listserves for our scouting family to connect! 
Pack 33 Parent ListServe - https://rallyhood.com/35965 

Lastly, but certainly not least, THANK YOU to all the amazing leaders in our pack who have all worked so hard to help kick this year off well!!  
We hope that you guys had a wonderful 3 day weekend and have a great week this week! Reach out if you have questions! 

Yours in Scouting,

Ms Victoria (she/hers)
Pack 33 Cubmaster
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